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April 06, 2020 2 min read


Nymo is a monofilament nylon thread in size A (thin) and D (thicker) that’s used in the upholstery industry, and comes in a wide variety of colours. This thread has a tendency to shred when using a stitch that weaves into small beads multiple times – such as the Right-Angle Weave. Certainly appropriate for Seed Bead Projects.


Silamide, a prewaxed twisted filament, is also used in the upholstery industry.  It’s strong and has less of tendency to shred, but can snap and is easily cut by the sharp edges of Bicone Crystals.  Certainly appropriate for Seed Bead Projects.


C-Lon is a superior nylon monochord beading thread known for its use in jewelry-making applications including bead stringing, pearl knotting, bead weaving, loom weaving, bead crochet and Kumihimo Projects. Providing an expanse of colours and available in Sizes AA (Thin) and D (Thicker) this is an ideal and recommended thread for Crystal and Seed Bead Projects.


This prewaxed cord is braided and made of highly durable filament. Known as the strongest fiber per diameter with an incredibly high tensile strength. In simple terms, tensile strength is a measurement of the force required to pull a thread to the point where it breaks. Available in numerous weights and Clear Crystal, Smoke or the new Green colours, this thread is highly recommended for both Seed Bead, Crystal Round and Bicone Projects.


Some braided beading threads have a graphite coating that can be messy on your hands, particularly the Smoke colour.  To remedy this, simply fold a piece of paper towel over the thread and pull the length through the towel several times to remove the graphite.




In an effort to keep thread tangle-free and smooth, it is always a good idea to treat the thread before stitching.  Following are a few primary products that may be used for preparing thread. 


You will recognize this treatment by the pretty blue box container. Easy to carry or store because of its small size, and the lid keeps the contents at their best.  Typically this thread conditioner is used for detangling threads. To use, simply pull the thread through the conditioner using your finger to press the thread down, ensuring the entire thread receives conditioning.


Both of these waxes are used to coat and stiffen thread. These products help make thread more manageable especially when working with doubled thread. Microcrystalline tends to be less sticky and Beeswax provides a slightly stiffer thread.  Both easy to use.  


Our Best to You from The Butterfly Beads Team

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