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Toho Seed Beads - Size 11/0 - 10 grams - Available in Multiple Colors

TOHO Beads was founded on November 3, 1951, in Hiroshima, Japan. They are easily spotted for their quality—one way to see is by looking at the shape of the bead hole. TOHO beads have the largest and most uniform hole out of all seed bead manufacturers.

10 grams = Approx 1110 beads

Hole Size = Approx 0.8 mm

Silver Lined Brown
Silver Lined Orange
Silver Lined Cranberry
Ceylon Purple
Matte Black
Matte Blue Green
Inside White
Silver Lined Blue
Opaque White
Rainbow Fuschia
Silver Lined Red
Silver Lined Yellow
Chalk White
Luster Seafoam
Silver Lined Clear
Silver Lined Light Pink
Transparent Rainbow
Bronzed Gold
Rainbow Navy
Opaque Yellow
Antique Gold
Transparent Rainbow Light Pink
Dyed Rainbow Blue
High Metal Purple
Dyed Rainbow Lavender
Galvanized Silver
Smoke Luster
Matte Moss
Metallic Grey
Transparent Green
Metallic Black AB
Opaque Black
Matte Maroon
Galvanized Peach
Transparent Clear
Opaque Red
Opaque Cream
Inside Color Light Purple