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Swarovski Stones, Rivoli (1122), 12mm, Foiled or Solid Backing, 1 pair per bag, Available in 23 Colours

Swarovski Rivoli stones are round stones that form a center point on both sides of the surface. In addition, the unique Rivoli features a symmetrical multi-faceted pattern. They also contain either a platinum foiled backing or solid backing (specified with each colour). As a result, this brings enhanced colors, reflection and durability to the Swarovski Rivoli stone. It is primarily used in jewelry and is usually set in jewelry settings by glue or mechanically.

These 12mm Swarovski Rivoli stones are available in 23 colours and are sold 1 pair per bag. 

Siam (Foiled)
Light Siam (Foiled)
Rose (Foiled)
Fuchsia (Foiled)
Amethyst (Foiled)
Light Amethyst (Foiled)
Tanzanite (Foiled)
Majestic Blue (Foiled)
Montana (Foiled)
Chrysolite (Foiled)
Emerald (Foiled)
Light Colorado Topaz (Foiled)
Black Diamond (Foiled)
Yellow Opal (Foiled)
Scarabaeus Green (Foiled)
Light Vitrail (Foiled)
Crystal Vitrail Medium (Foiled)
Crystal Rainbow Dark (Foiled)
Jet (Solid)
Crystal Lotus Pink Delite (Solid)
Crystal Royal Red Delite (Solid)
Crystal Orange Glow Delite (Solid)
Bermuda Blue Delite (Solid)
Assorted Colors

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