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November 26, 2019 2 min read

If you love doing arts and craft, then you are almost always looking for craft supplies. However, it can get expensive after a while that can put a dent in your budget and bring your crafts hobby to a screeching halt. However, experts like Canadian Wholesale Jewellery Supplies recommend some practical tips to look for discounts that can help you keep your supplies within economical range. From buying your paper, ink, fabric etc. on sale to going online for shopping, this article is a treasure trove of all the actionable suggestions that will help you stay creative without blowing your budget!

Know the Price Range

Before you start looking for discounts, know the basic prices of all the supplies you want. This step is especially important if you are planning to start a new craft. If you know the ongoing market, then you would also know when what a good discount is. Start by sorting clip coupons in your Sunday papers or look for them online. There are many craft stores that may offer hefty discounts on their craft supplies. You can also look for applicable coupons online and use them while purchasing your items. Your cart value will be instantly reduced before you hit the payment button.

Buy from Online Stores

This one goes without saying. The online stores for Canadian Wholesale Jewellery Supplies that offer hefty discounts because they have low operational costs and they are happy to share their savings as rebates on all their items. There are many online stores that are well stocked with all the latest supplies to keep your creative juices flowing.

Buy Out of Season

Planning to do a craft for Christmas? Start stocking your supplies well ahead of the season to save some serious money. Start as early as January to collect your craft material. Shop for these items soon after the holiday season is over as the stores put heavy discounts to clear the stock. You can also check the clearance section of your supply stores, online or at a retail shop. You can scour these sections throughout the year to pick items while they are still cheap and unwanted.

Set Alerts for Sales

Sign up for store newsletters, set Google alerts, and allow stores to send you email notification every time they have a sale coming up.

Buy in Bulk

Nothing makes items cheaper the way bulk purchase does. Buying in large quantities is the classic way to get hefty discounts. Most of the stores encourage bulk buying. So be sure to check about any ongoing promotions or offers on wholesale purchase.

DIY is incredibly popular these days and people love the process of creating things with their own hands. With these simple ideas, you can purchase all the required craft items at a discounted price and continue building aesthetic items with your own hands. Remember to research all your options properly and only buy from stores that offer you the best deal.

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