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Swarovski Pendants, Pear (6106), 22mm, 2 pcs per bag, Available in 17 Colours

Swarovski pear crystal pendant features an elegant pear shape with a stringing hole drilled through the pointed top to provide a dangling effect when strung. They are used to complement any range of versatile designs and create beautiful statement pieces.

The Swarovski pear pendants are available in 17 colours and are 2 pcs per bag. 

Crystal AB
Majestic Blue
Light Siam
Antique Pink
White Patina
Silvershade Crystal
Luminous Green
Light Siam Shimmer
Erinite Shimmer
Light Topaz Shimmer
Smoky Mauve
Crystal Silver Night
Topaz Blend
Bronze Shade
Bronze Shade Shimmer
Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer
Assorted Colors