by AISHA IQBAL October 20, 2018 2 min read

After getting your jewelry making supplies Canada for the first time, you will realise how addictive and fun jewelry making can be. The added advantage is that you will be wearing your own creation. Many do not know how to go about making jewelry.

Here are ten steps to help you out.

Which Jewelry Interests You?

Selecting the type of jewelry you want to make can be an overwhelming decision considering that there are a plethora of alternatives. There are many ways to create different jewelry pieces, and therefore when starting out you will have to learn one technique after another.

Master the Basics

Have you decided to go for clay metal, beads, or any other jewelry type? If yes, the next step is mastering the basic knowledge of properly creating usable jewelry using the available supplies. After learning a skill, you can transfer the knowledge you get to the next project.

Invest in Quality Tools

For starters, you might just want pliers and a wire cutter to make jewelry. However, you will need better tools than these so that you can make the quality jewelry and do so fast.

Learn the Terminology

Before you place an order of the supplies you need, you should know what they are. Find out what is an eye pin, head pin, wire gauge, among others. Knowing the terminology will save you time, expenses, and frustration of making the wrong orders.

Purchase Supplies

Finding a local vendor for supplies, or a good neighbour that has invested in jewelry supplies that you can physically familiarise with can help you know your needs before you place an order online.

Organise Space to Work

If you do not have a dedicated space for work, your supplies will be all over the house. So, it is wise to have a reservation you specifically set aside for jewelry making. If you can't have a room, get a table or a drawer, and label accordingly.

Search the Web for Inspiration

The web is packed with information on how to enhance your jewelry creating skills. When you see new ideas they will inspire you to make your own version of the products. Browse the search engines and social media platforms to get new ideas.

Take a Course

If you are sure you want to learn about jewelry making, then finding professional help is critical. Take a class where you can learn beginner level classes and advance with time as you improve.

Keep Moving

As a beginner, you will meets hurdles along the way, just like you would when acquiring any other skill. Even as some areas will be enjoyable, the learning curve might be tough at some point - which is fine! Do not allow a difficult moment to kill your morale. Take as much time as you need and challenge yourself to achieve as much as possible.

Don't be Intimidated

Some skills have huge names but are actually simple to tackle, while others sound simple but are tough to master. Whichever the case, do not allow anything or anyone intimidate or limit you on this journey.

There you have it! Besides investing your money in buying jewelry making supplies Canada, you will also need to put in time and energy. Start it today and you will realise that it is fun and addictive.

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