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Charm, Rough Stone Charm, Sterling Silver, Sizes and Shapes Vary, 1pc

Sterling silver with rhodium, rough stone charms with 5mm loop. Sizes and colors may vary, please note these measurements are approximate. 

Aquamarine ~ approx. 10mm x 11mm

Amethyst ~ approx. 13mm x 15mm 

Sapphire ~ approx. 8mm x 12mm 

Iolite ~ approx. 10mm x 11mm

Apatite ~  approx. 8mm x 14mm

Peridot ~ approx. 7mm x 11mm 

Ruby Zoisite ~ approx. 10mm x 11mm

Ruby ~ approx. 8mm x 12mm

Garnet ~ approx. 10mm x 11mm

Pink Tourmaline ~ approx. 8mm x 12mm

White Apatite ~ approx. 7mm x 12mm