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Garnet, Semi-Precious Stone, Available in Multiple Sizes

Size Hole Size

Number of Beads per Strand

Weight per strand
4mm 0.8mm Approx 90 pcs 15 grams
4.5mm 0.8mm Approx 85 pcs 18.5 grams
6mm 1mm Approx 65 pcs 27.5 grams
8.5mm 1mm Approx 45 pcs 51.4 grams
10mm 1.2mm Approx 35+ pcs 77.5 grams
10.5mm 1.2mm Approx 35 pcs 80.1 grams
12.5mm 1.2mm Approx 30 pcs 117 grams

Please note that semi-precious stones may vary in quantity and size, therefore sizing, quantity, and weight is an approximation.