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TierraCast Setting for Swarovski Rivoli, 12mm, Plain or Beaded, 1 Loop, Available in 6 Colors, 1 pair per bag

The TierraCast setting contains a shallow cone shaped design, especially for Swarovski Stone Rivoli's. It's edges are decorated with either plain or beaded ridges (specified with each color). Simply choose your favorite color of stone and set it into this setting to create a sparkling element. You can also hang it on any type of finished jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings. Adding a unique touch of your own. 

These 12mm TierraCast settings used for Swarovski Rivoli stones are available in 6 colors and are sold 1 pair per bag. Prices vary depending on plain or beaded ridges.

Gold (Beaded)
Silver (Beaded)
Brass (Beaded)
Black (Beaded)
Gold (Plain)
Antique Copper (Plain)